All items we sell are from the market leading authentication companies in the USA. 

JSA, Beckett, Fanatics, PSA, Upper Deck, Schwartz and Tristar. All have years of experience in authentication. 

The two most common types of certification that you will see are basic certification and witnessed certification. 

Witnessed certification is exactly that, the companies have a representative present for the signing day and witness all autographs in person. 

Basic certification is sent into the companies for them to compare and contrast to other authentic autographs. 

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Custom Jerseys 

Custom jerseys are jerseys that have the same style as an American football jersey but have no official logos. 

They look just as good on display and are the most cost efficient way to get a signed jersey. 

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Fake Memorabilia 

Unfortunately fakes are frequent on the market and some are a lot harder to notice than others. 

There are also fake stickers and certification cards forged to look like the market leading companies which display the correct serial number but are fraudulent certifications. There are several tells such as font, size of the text, and the style of the sticker amongst other things. 

On team signed items there are several tells that giveaway a fake, tells are often visible if an item has been signed by the same hand. 

We are happy to give our opinion on any items even if they are not bought through us. Send any pictures over to:

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There are several different types of full size helmets that can be purchased. 

Proline, speed replicas, speed authentic, hydro helmets and more. 

The most common helmets are Speed Replicas and Proline helmets as these are the most cost efficient helmets. 

Hydro helmets have been personalised and come in various different styles, they are real unique items to have in your collection. 

Authentic helmets are the same style as helmets worn on the field and include the full padding inside the helmet. 


There are many other different types of helmet such as speed flex, salute to service and more. Should you have any questions about the other styles please don't hesitate to get in touch.  

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